Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Small moment worth all the tea in China


YuYu's foster mom brought us three bags of local fruit after we got back from lunch on Saturday afternoon. After our translator left us between meals, it was so frustrating not to be able to talk to her, but sharing food is something for which we didn't need a shared language.

The smaller softer balls are huangpi (yellow shell), not much flesh, mostly little pits, but so delicious. The white fruit comes out of a hard, dark purple (almost black) shell that bleeds violent purple on your hands (that stains brown), but I didn't catch the name of the fruit. The flesh comes in 5-6 sections, one plum size pit, indescribly delicious, at least with my limited skills, flavor.

The bigger, harder balls are called dragon eyes, or longyan
  and I have pictures of YuYu from before her adoption, squatting in the foster family's apartment with her older cousin, eating out of the same red plastic bags full of longyan. Watching her do this again with her foster mother and her sisters, this homely little scene, made me a little misty (really, what doesn't) and all I need to do to remind myself that every penny paid for this trip was very well spent, is to look at these photos. This moment with Xiao Zhen and YuYu was worth all the tea in China to me.

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