Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Christmas in August

Christmas in August. I invited Nora's foster family, neighbors, friends to dinner (if you're ever in Guilin, hard right out of the Bravo Hotel, hard right in front of the Children's Palace, 50 yards, McFounds, kind of western decor, big D delicious food) where we were showered with gifts, big S showered. Pearls for me, jade-like pendants for the girls, new dress for Nora, and four counted cross stitch pillow tops, two framed cross fruits, a large, e.g. too big to fit in the suitcase, framed sampler, oh good hell, had me in tears and Nora was only with her for six months.

The connection is very slow, I'll have to type more later, too frustrating right now, just wanted to share my good fortune to know such a talented generous woman. It feels like every cent I ever sent to thme just came back to me tonight.

You have been sent 13 pictures.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Nora! What a party you had! Please take care of your mom -- it looks like she may need your help. So many memories . . . so little time . . .