Friday, August 5, 2011

Eating my way through China

I've got the foster family in two rooms at the Majestic for a couple
of nights so we don't lose time going back and forth from the hotel
and their apartment and we go out for meals together with Matthew Xu,
our local guide and translator. These have been good meals and good
opportunities to learn more about the foster family and their lives in
China and YuYu's early years with them. But I swear to gawd that I'm
the only person I know who gains weight in China. Even a quick bout
of "whoa, what did I eat and why does it want to leave my body so
quickly" a few days ago hasn't stopped the eating. Even the drowned
cock roach on the lip of the coffee decanter in Fuling (either suicide
(fell in) or murder (was already in before the coffee was made)) or
the absolutely stomach turning thousand year old eggs at lunch
yesterday that would ruin a lesser person's appetite for several days
can stop me from eating. When will I be back? don't know and don't
want to miss out on any of the flavors. Only one more day of eating,
better get busy.

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